Justified by Faith Alone – Sermon Manuscript on Romans 5:1

Introduction Please open your Bibles to Romans 5:1 How are sinners made right (justified) with God? Is it by works? Is it by works and faith? Is it by faith alone?  Is this statement true? – “Men and women are justified, made right with God, by faith alone in Jesus and not by good works.”Continue reading “Justified by Faith Alone – Sermon Manuscript on Romans 5:1”

“Act Like Men” (1 Corinthians 16:13-14) Sermon Manuscript

Introduction I believe there is a manhood crisis in America. I believe that much of the problems we see facing our county and within the church are directly connected to a lack of men acting like men, a distortion of manhood and what it means to be a man. My sermon today is going toContinue reading ““Act Like Men” (1 Corinthians 16:13-14) Sermon Manuscript”

Will You Go Back To Church After The Pandemic?

Due to COVID-19, many churches across the globe have begun using live streaming platforms to reach their congregants at home in an effort to protect each other from contracting the virus and yet still trying to provide some form of “corporate” worship for Christians quarantined at home. There is no doubt that this is aContinue reading “Will You Go Back To Church After The Pandemic?”

A Message to Church Members and Pastors in Light of Darrin Patrick’s Death

Last week was a tough week. The week began by discovering the Ahmed Arberry video on Twitter which displayed a young black male getting murdered on a Georgia street while jogging because he “looked like a robber” according to the shooter; a sobering reminder that racism in America is alive and well. Then on FridayContinue reading “A Message to Church Members and Pastors in Light of Darrin Patrick’s Death”

Christian, You Are a Slave to Christ

Have you ever thought that your pastor or Bible teacher had an easy job when it comes to teaching from the Bible? I remember when I was a teenager I had no real appreciation for sitting under faithful Bible teachers because I did not know how to recognize faithful teaching from unfaithful teaching. Now thatContinue reading “Christian, You Are a Slave to Christ”

Finding True Contentment in a Discontent World

I would say most of you are accessing this blog post from a social media platform, most likely Facebook or Twitter. How many of you prior to opening this blog saw discontentment or dissatisfaction from others on your feed or timeline? Maybe the source of their discontent was targeted at a political leader, a notContinue reading “Finding True Contentment in a Discontent World”